[OmniOS-discuss] Long group names in ls acl output

Nathan Huff nrhuff at umn.edu
Tue Mar 3 15:41:13 UTC 2015

We have a couple omnios servers that are getting NSS info from an AD 
domain that we use for serving CIFS shares.  There are groups in our 
domain that are longer than the 20 characters.  Looking at the ls man 
page and source code I don't think there is an option to display either 
a longer string or the uid/gid instead.  The main issue that I run into 
is not only are the group names long, some have a common prefix that is 
over 20 characters long.  In some cases the only way to tell which 
groups has which permissions is to connect to the share from windows and 
look at the ACLs that way.

Is there some way to disambiguate this case I don't know about?

Nathan Huff
System Administrator
Academic Health Center Information Systems
University of Minnesota

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