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Matthew Lagoe matthew.lagoe at subrigo.net
Wed Mar 4 23:59:08 UTC 2015

I have only used them for like a usb dongle other then that there pretty
useless J



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I also have a USB connector and a SD connector on the mobo of my server
(Proliant ML100 G7) and I never found any good use for them. The best I
could think of is doing a local backup of /etc and of the other config dirs.


Concerning CrashPlan: I also use it, are you aware that they cut support for
Solaris in 4.x? Solaris will be supported only on the old 3.x versions.
Since they mantain backward compatibility for two main releases, as soon as
5.x will be released, their servers will not accept data from 3.x anymore.
That should be in about 1.5 years from now, rough estimate.

I found NO alternatives yet.







Il giorno 04/mar/2015, alle ore 15:17, Schweiss, Chip <chip at innovates.com>
ha scritto:


No USB flash is going to bring any benefit to the game as a log device.  If
it has any ram cache to increase write performance, it's useless as a log
device because it will not have any power protection for the ram.  Most
likely it will not have any RAM and write performance will be poor.  Decent
log devices don't come cheap.  

If it's just a home server set up some frequent snapshots and turn sync off.
You may have to throw away the most recent writes in the case of a power
failure, but your performance will be maximized.   

I've been doing this for 4 years on my home ZFS server, about 1/2 dozen
power failures and I've never lost anything.  I still keep it backed up.  I
use Code42's Crashplan.   




On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 10:26 PM, Michael Mounteney <gate03 at landcroft.co.uk>

Hello list;  this is a very basic question about ZFS performance from
someone with limited sysadmin knowledge.  I've seen various messages
about ZILs and caching and noticed that my Supermicro 5017C-LF
This has a single USB socket on the board so I wondered if it would be
worth putting a USB stick / `thumbdrive' in there and using it as the
ZIL / cache.  I know the real answer to my question is 'buy a proper
server' but this is a home system and cost, noise and power-consumption
all mandate the current choice of machine.

(Yes;  the USB socket is vertical;  I'd have to buy a right-angle

Thanks, Michael.
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