[OmniOS-discuss] 2nd-to-last bloody update for r151013

Dan McDonald danmcd at omniti.com
Tue Mar 10 18:02:32 UTC 2015

Hey folks!  We're winding down to the release of r151014, which is not just the next Stable, but also the next LTS, replacing r151006.  No release media for this release, but the repo has been updated COMPLETELY.  This means you'll get prompted to "pkg update pkg" first, followed by a proper "pkg update".

The last bloody didn't have a lot of changes.  This one does.  Let's go over them:

* The distro_const(1M) command, which creates installation ISOs, now has signature policy as a configurable.  This is in anticipation of r151014's change to have the "omnios" repository REQUIRE SIGNATURES.

* omnios-build master branch, revision 51bf0ac

* The linked-ipkg (lipkg) brand is now part of the entire consolidation.

* Bash is now 4.3PL33

* Bind is now 9.10.2

* gnu-binutils is now 2.25

* bison is now 3.0.4

* NSS is at 3.17.4, NSPR is at 4.10.7, and ca-bundle has NSS 3.17.4 goodies in it.

* Curl is now 7.41.0

* Amazon EC2 API is now

* gmp is now 6.0.0a (but versioned as 6.0.0 like its tarball)

* gettext is 0.19.4

* gnu-grep is 2.21

* ipmitool is now 1.8.15

* iso-codes are now 3.57

* numpy is 1.9.2

* libidn is now 1.30

* libpcap is now 1.6.2

* NTP is now 6.7p1

* gnu-patch is now 2.7.4

* pv/pipe-viewer is now 1.5.7

* lxml-26 is now 3.4.2

* Mako is now 1.0.1

* pycurl is now

* simplejson is now 3.6.5

* sigcpp is now 2.4.0

* sqlite-3 is now

* git 2.3.0 is now properly versioned in omnios-userland.

* illumos-omnios master branch, revision dd90365 (last illumos-gate merge e492095)

* Zones now inherit the global zone's per-publisher signature policies both upon creation and upon attach.

* A softening of Illumos's "mailwrapper" package dependencies in the hopes of allowing custom sendmails more room to play in /etc/.

* Various small bugfixes all over the system, including ZFS.

* beadm(1M) now sorts by BE creation date (and can sort other ways with new options).

* While not available in the installation tools yet (and might not be until the r151016 release), you can now create a bootable root ZFS pool on EFI/GPI disks.  (Illumos #5125 and #5560-1.)

We have one more update for omnios-build (libffi, if needed), and we're planning to take some more from upstream illumos-gate before we close for the r151014 release (I'm hopeful several new Ethernet chipsets will be showing up).

Please try out zone creation and upgrades if you haven't already!  And make sure the new versions of any software mentioned above aren't surprising you.  (We've had no surprises thus far.)


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