[OmniOS-discuss] TEST REQUEST - Running kvm in a zone verification

Dan McDonald danmcd at omniti.com
Wed Mar 11 15:18:41 UTC 2015

This most recent update to bloody has put the /dev/kvm device entry into non-global ipkg or lipkg zones.  The idea is you can run KVM instances in zones, which is something not available in r151012 or earlier.

Our standard methods for running KVM apply:


But you MUST FIRST dedicate a vnic to the zone in question from the global zone: by creating one in the global and then "add net/set physical" in zonecfg(1M). Furthemore, that vnic cannot be used for that zone's normal activity (so you'll likely need two vnics, unless you want the zone to do nothing but run KVM).  You MUST also dedicate a filesystem to the zone using the "dataset" methods in zonecfg(1M).

I've not been able to test this yet, so I cannot yet make the claim that "you can run KVM in a zone starting with r151014".  I would appreciate some community help here.  I have *some* availability for questions and help, but I really would like someone to take this and run with it.


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