[OmniOS-discuss] Dell vs. Supermicro and any recommendations..

John D Groenveld jdg117 at elvis.arl.psu.edu
Thu Mar 12 14:15:11 UTC 2015

In message <alpine.GSO.2.00.1503120936140.62 at areb.pvgehf-vg.arg>, Andy writes:
>I spoke too soon - disk performance seems generally poor with high service
>times :( Everything's working apart from the disks briefly going away

Oye...maybe time to tell your Dell sales critter, you're going
to send your business elsewhere unless he figures out how to BTO
servers with non-RAID SAS HBAs similar to the ones that Dell US

Otherwise, good luck debugging MegaRAID drivers and firmware.
What's the device ID for your RAID controller?
Which version mr_sas(7D) are you using?
Which version of the firmware?

groenveld at acm.org

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