[OmniOS-discuss] Problem with a couple of drives and omnios

Frank Pittel fwp at deepthought.com
Sat Mar 14 19:09:43 UTC 2015

I have a machine here at home running Omnios and I love it. It has 6 drives installed all sata and connected to the motherboard. There are 3
zpools with two drives each. One zpool has 2 1TB drives as an rpool and 2 zpools with 2 - 2TB drives in each. I've set up all pools as mirrored.
On monday while i was out the power went out and since this is a box that I play with it's not hooked up to my ups.

When the power came back up I noticed the machine wouldn't boot. I got the following bizzare error:

krtld: failed to open '/platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/u<unprintable>'
krtld bind_primary(): no relocation information found for module /platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/u<unprintable>
krtld: error during initial load/link phase

The errors go on and on along those lines and then I get:

Unable to boot
Press any key to reboot.

I thought at first that something happened to my boot drives so I unplugged my 2TB drives and tried to boot from dvd to reinstall. I didn't hit
the button for the boot menu fast enough and ended up booting from disk. To my surprise the OS booted fine. I then plugged in the 2TB zones and
tried booting again. To make a long story short I found that the two drives for one of the pools were causing the problem. I've tried deleting the
zpools, removing partitions and even used dd to overwrite the MBR on the drives. No luck with any of the attempts. Have I damaged the drives in
some wierd way or done something to keep them from working with omnios?


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