[OmniOS-discuss] Problem with a couple of drives and omnios

Dan McDonald danmcd at omniti.com
Sun Mar 15 20:44:26 UTC 2015

> On Mar 14, 2015, at 3:33 PM, Frank Pittel <fwp at deepthought.com> wrote:
> When I remove one of the DATA pools the machine will boot. I've tried exporting the pool and it doesn't help. While the pool drives are unplugged
> I can boot the machine without issue. I've then run "devfsadm -C" to remove device entries.  Even then the machine won't boot with the drive
> connected. After the OS is booted I can plug the drives in. They aren't visible via format until I run devfsadm again. The errors got me to
> thinking there was something in the boot sector that was confusing my oldish MB and the MB was trying to boot off of one of those drives I used dd
> to overwrite the MBR with no success. I'm thinking of just going and using dd to write /dev/zero over the entire drives. There's nothing on those
> drives that I care about since I was just using them to play with different permutations of zfs and zones. Things like mounting filesystems in
> zones, etc.

It does sound like your MB trying to boot off of other drives.  If there's nothing important there, try creating new pools, preferably using the whole disk (EFI/GPT).


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