[OmniOS-discuss] kernel panic "kernel heap corruption detected" when creating zero eager disks

Dan McDonald danmcd at omniti.com
Wed Mar 25 16:09:04 UTC 2015

> On Mar 25, 2015, at 11:51 AM, wuffers <moo at wuffers.net> wrote:
> Going to do this as soon as I can.
> Solaris docs say to put the following line in etc/system and reboot:
> set kmem_flags=0xf

That's correct.

> Can't I just set this dynamically like so (so I can potentially skip 2 reboots)?
> echo kmem_flags/W0xf | mdb -kw

No, because those are read at kmem cache creation time at the system's start.

> I can't comment myself on Fibre/STMF, as we do IB SRP here. I would say it's been "fairly" stable (can run for months before I see an issue), but have seen some weird hangups where I had to reboot the head unit (but no kernel panics).

You reproduce this bug by configuring things a specific way, right?  I ask because you seem to have been running okay until you fell down this particular panic rabbit hole with a particular set of things, correct?


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