[OmniOS-discuss] iSCSI target hang, no way to restart but server reboot

Matej Zerovnik matej at zunaj.si
Fri Mar 27 13:07:55 UTC 2015


We are having issues with iSCSI on work. Every now and then, iSCSI 
target just hangs up. We are unable to kill it, restart it or do 
anything else to restore the service. The only option to restore iscsi 
target back to working state, is to reboot the whole server and loose 
all the sessions (around 100 clients).

Weird thing is, that only iscsi target hangs. I can ssh to server and 
work on it without any problem, there is no load or anything else, 
nothing in log files, just iscsi target locks up and all connections to 
iscsi target drop (probably timeout)

Server is a IBM 3550 M4 with dual Xeon E5-2640 CPUs and 160GB of memory.
Hard drives are mounted in a Supermicro JBOD, which is attached via SAS 
HBA LSI Logic SAS2308.

We are using OmniOS v11 r151006.

Anyone encounter similar troubles?
Any recomendations what to do or how to solve that problem?


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