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Olaf Marzocchi lists at marzocchi.net
Thu Mar 12 09:37:09 UTC 2015

If I remember correctly, in the past the rsync provided in CCC contained patches not available in the main tree and it was the only way to get proper backups.
Nowadays the official rsync already has everything you need to backup OS X metadata and CCC is only a nice GUI.
However, I think not every patch from Mr. Bombich has been submitted, some minor differences may still be there.
A test is recommended.


Il 12 marzo 2015 02:16:55 CET, Marion Hakanson <hakansom at ohsu.edu> ha scritto:
>danmcd at omniti.com said:
>> I have some OLD files in my homedir, some may even predate MacOS X,
>so I do
>> worry about resource forks or Creator/Type metadata. 
>I like Carbon Copy Cloner for backing up our Macs.  It has rsync behind
>its GUI interface, and seems to handle native HFS+ stuff just fine.
>I tend to set up a remote .dmg volume on our NFS (or SMB) network share
>for each Mac, and treat those like whole-volume backups (similar to
>Time Machine would do).  But CCC also works for just a subdirectory,
>not just for a whole Mac volume, and to a remote share, not only to
>a disk image.
>CCC is shareware these days, but you can still download the freeware
>version, last I checked.
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