[OmniOS-discuss] rsync & MacOS

Olaf Marzocchi lists at marzocchi.net
Thu Mar 12 16:32:25 UTC 2015

It WAS tricky prior to 3.0 :)
Nowadays the provided patches are enough. I'd try them first to be independent from other people's binaries and update policies.

Of course, it's a matter of personal preference.


Il 12 marzo 2015 14:36:56 CET, Chris Ferebee <cf at ferebee.net> ha scritto:
>I gather it can be a bit tricky to compile rsync correctly for OS X.
>FWIW, mlbackup (and hence the bundled rsync 3.0.9 binary) is validated
>with Backup Bouncer, Mike Bombich’s test suite for HFS+ backups.
>> Am 12.03.2015 um 10:37 schrieb Olaf Marzocchi <lists at marzocchi.net>:
>> If I remember correctly, in the past the rsync provided in CCC
>contained patches not available in the main tree and it was the only
>way to get proper backups.
>> Nowadays the official rsync already has everything you need to backup
>OS X metadata and CCC is only a nice GUI.
>> However, I think not every patch from Mr. Bombich has been submitted,
>some minor differences may still be there.
>> A test is recommended.
>> Olaf
>> Il 12 marzo 2015 02:16:55 CET, Marion Hakanson <hakansom at ohsu.edu> ha
>> danmcd at omniti.com said:
>>  I have some OLD files in my homedir, some may even predate MacOS X,
>so I do
>>  worry about resource forks or Creator/Type metadata. 
>> Dan,
>> I like Carbon Copy Cloner for backing up our Macs.  It has rsync
>> its GUI interface, and seems to handle native HFS+ stuff just fine.
>> I tend to set up a remote .dmg volume on our NFS (or SMB) network
>> for each Mac, and treat those like whole-volume backups (similar to
>> Time Machine would do).  But CCC also works for just a subdirectory,
>> not just for a whole Mac volume, and to a remote share, not only to
>> a disk image.
>> CCC is shareware these days, but you can still download the freeware
>> version, last I checked.
>> Regards,
>> Marion
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