[OmniOS-discuss] iSCSI target hang, no way to restart but server reboot

Matej Zerovnik matej at zunaj.si
Fri Mar 27 15:03:19 UTC 2015

On 27. 03. 2015 15:56, Dan McDonald wrote:
>> iostat -Ei | grep Error reports that one device has 6 hard errors and 6 device not ready errors, but that is a local drive, attached to a different controller (LSI Megaraid).
> LSI Megaraid, ESPECIALLY with 006, is not going to be as good as either mpt_sas, or a more modern build of OmniOS (I'm hoping to get one very good change in before I close 014's illumos synching).
Only rpool is on megaraid, the storage is on LSI Logic SAS2308 HBA, 
which I think is using mpt_sas driver. What change do you plan on 
putting it? Does it concern mpt_sas driver?

>> I wouldn't like to do a major upgrade, since this is a production machine. Too scary:)
> You should plan for it, however.  SATA drives on SAS expanders is a recipe for disaster, as you're seeing.
Is there a better support for SATA drives in newer omnios?


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