[OmniOS-discuss] iSCSI target hang, no way to restart but server reboot

Dave Pooser dave-oo at pooserville.com
Sat Mar 28 03:51:17 UTC 2015

>Having been on the receiving end of similar advice, it is a frustrating
>situation to be in, since you have (and will likely continue to have) the
>hardware in production, without much option for replacement.
>When we had systems like this, we had a lot of success being aggressive in
>swapping out disks that were showing signs of going bad, even before
>critical failures occurred. Also looking at SMART statistics, and
>aggressively replacing those as well.


>Aggressively replace devices implicated by these, and hope for the best.
>The best may or may not be what you're hoping for, but may be livable; it
>was for us.

Also bear in mind it's entirely possible to mix SAS and SATA drives in the
same enclosure and even the same vdev-- so as you're aggressively
replacing SATA drives replace them with SAS drives and your system will
become less brittle. Assuming you're using enterprise SATA drives, their
SAS siblings are not much more expensive (often about $20 difference) and
the reliability gains will be significant.
Dave Pooser
Cat-Herder-in-Chief, Pooserville.com

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