[OmniOS-discuss] smtp-notify dependency on sendmail

Schweiss, Chip chip at innovates.com
Tue Mar 10 14:51:35 UTC 2015

I haven't used sendmail since the 1990's and don't intend to change.

I've figured out how to get smtp-notify to start with sendmail-client
disable, but it was a manual process of using 'svccfg -s smtp-notify

What I can't figure out how to do the same on the command line.  Everything
I try either gives a syntax error or 'svccfg: No such property group
"startup_req".'  I really don't want to have to add a manual step to my
system setup scripts.

What's the proper syntax for this setting?:

svccfg -s system/fm/smtp-notify:default setprop "startup_req/entities" =
fmri: \"svc:/milestone/multi-user:default svc:/system/fmd:default\"

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