[OmniOS-discuss] rsync & MacOS

Dan McDonald danmcd at omniti.com
Wed Mar 11 19:27:57 UTC 2015

MacOS is weird because of its forked files.  I use NFS and everything works out okay.  I would like, however, to use rsync to mirror my home directory, as even with GigE, it takes a long time to back things up from scratch.

Does the MacOS X native rsync client work with 10.6 or 10.10 (I have machines running both, but nothing in between)?  Do I need special patches either on my clients or on my OmniOS server (r151012 for now, 014 shortly coming).  There's no rsync changes between 012 and 014 (3.1.1), so if it works for 012, it will keep working.


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