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The Open Source Enterprise Server OS with just the features you need.

Key Features

Storage Platform

ZFS, OmniOS' native file-system, combines a volume manager and file-system with strong data-integrity protection. Easily share volumes via iSCSI, CIFS and NFS.

Lightweight Virtualisation

Run lightweight OmniOS or Linux virtual machines in containers without the overhead of a traditional hypervisor and with full resource control.

Hardware Virtualisation

OmniOS also provides full hardware virtualisation via bhyve and KVM for running guests such as Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD and many others.

Software-Defined Networking

Virtualise your network infrastructure through Crossbow virtual interfaces and switches and even allocate dedicated resources for specific services.

In-depth Tracing

DTrace provides a comprehensive dynamic tracing framework to aid troubleshooting across the whole software stack. Always available, instrument anything on demand.

Open Source

OmniOS is open-source, self-hosting and maintained on GitHub. All development is done out in the open with pull-requests and anyone can grab the source and build OmniOS themselves.

Commercial Support

Commercial support packages are available to provide custom assistance and direct access to the OmniOS developers in case of any problems.

Rapid Deployment

OmniOS' revolutionary installation framework - Kayak - is blindingly fast, whether installing 100s of servers over the network or just building a single VM (in less than 2 minutes).

Seamless Updates

Easily manage installed packages with digitally-signed updates. LTS releases receive updates for three years so you can schedule upgrades when convenient.