Privacy Policy

The OmniOS Community Edition Association cares about Data Protection. The use of our website as well as of OmniOS is possible without any registration; if you decide to become a patron or if you subscribe to a support contract we will use your data only in connection with these two services.

If you download the OmniOS installation media, hot-fixes or package updates we will record your Internet Protocol address (IP address), information derived from your IP address such as your geographic location, and metadata relating to the system being updated. We do NOT correlate these data with personal data. They are retained for a period of three months and used for the production of aggregate statistics regarding OmniOS usage.

If you become a Patron, we will not store any data about you directly. Your payment data is stored by our payment provider Stripe according to their own GDPR compliant Privacy Policy which means your data will not be used for anything outside of processing your payments to OmniOS. For recurring payments we will always inform you before the payment gets collected and offer you the option of cancelling your subscription.

If you buy an OmniOS support contract, we will store your contact data to be able to communicate with you about your contract and matters related to that.

If you subscribe to the OmniOS Newsletter, your mail adderess will be stored in a postgres database on our server in Zurich. You have the option of both downloading all your stored data as well as whiping your entry from our database. The Newsletter is managed with a self-hosted copy of Listmonk.

It is our intention that our processing of personal data shall always be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in accordance with the Swiss data protection regulations applicable to the OmniOS Community Edition Association.

If you have any concern in regards to our handling of your data, please feel free to contact us at any time.