OmniOS Community Edition

On April 21st 2017, Robert Treat announced that OmniTI would suspend active development of OmniOS and support contracts would not be renewed. After five years of releases twice a year, OmniOS had become highly popular, yet a goal of making OmniOS community operated had not been realized.

While the announcement of this “radical” approach stunned many, Treat explained that the action was taken in part in hopes that it might catalyze the community, stating “To be clear, our goal is not to abandon OmniOS, but to divest OmniTI from the open source project in order to spur others to participate more.”

14 weeks later, OmniOS Community Edition is a reality.

Andy Fiddaman (, Tobias Oetiker ( and Dominik Hassler have spent some quality time setting up the systems and procedures allowing us to take over maintenance and development of OmniOS.

In this endeavor we were supported by many. Special thanks to Stefan Husch (, Peter Tribble (, Dan McDonald ( and Theo Schlossnagle (

A big thank you also to the Integrated Systems Laboratory of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, who have graciously provided a zone on one of their OmniOS boxes to host our new repository.

Thank you, OmniTI

Thank you, OmniTI, for all of your efforts and the efforts of OmniTI developers throughout the last five years. Your regular releases of OmniOS and open approach to development are greatly appreciated.

About OmniOS Community Edition Association

OmniOS Community Edition Association (OmniOSce) is a Swiss association, dedicated to the continued support and release of OmniOS for the benefit of all parties involved. The board of OmniOSce controls access to the OmniOS CA. Current board members are: Tobias Oetiker (President), Andy Fiddaman (Development), Dominik Hassler (Treasurer).

About Citrus-IT

Citrus IT is a UK company that provides a managed email service platform to companies around the world. For many years they ran their systems on Solaris with SPARC hardware but transitioned to OmniOS in 2012.


OETIKER+PARTNER is a Swiss system management and software development company. Employees from O+P are involved in many Open Source Software projects. O+P runs most of their server hardware on OmniOS.

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OmniOSce, Aarweg 17, 4600 Olten, Switzerland