IPS Repositories

OmniOS takes a layered approach to packaging. In addition to the fairly minimal software delivered as the core OS, additional packages are provided through extra repositories. There is an extra repository managed by the OmniOS Association, and several managed by third parties.

Core And Extra Repos by the OmniOS Association

The table below shows URLs for the latest stable release. Substitute the version number for the release you are running.

URL Publisher Signed Build Scripts Notes
https://pkg.omnios.org/r151050/core/ omnios yes r151050 Core OS
https://pkg.omnios.org/r151050/extra/ extra.omnios yes master Additional packages
https://pkg.omnios.org/bloody/core/ omnios no master Core OS
https://pkg.omnios.org/bloody/extra/ extra.omnios no master Additional packages


There is also a US mirror for the core and extra OmniOS package repositories. To add this mirror to the publisher configuration use the -m option to set-publisher as shown below, replacing r151050 with the release you are running:

# pkg set-publisher -m https://us-west.mirror.omnios.org/r151050/core/ omnios
# pkg set-publisher -m https://us-west.mirror.omnios.org/r151050/extra/ extra.omnios

Packages by the OmniOS Community

URL Publisher Maintainer Notes
(build scripts)
localhostomnios @sfepackages and 3 more from SFE Community Blog: https://sfe.opencsw.org; open for contribution and actively maintained, weekly updates

Note that you as a user of these extra repositories are encouraged to get in touch with the maintainers of these repos. In many cases you can contribute and help by writing documentation, sending in build instructions for new software or simply testing packages and sending in results. If you need more packages then you should ask for them.

Maintainers of add-on repositories are encouraged to share their work with the community. If you wish to have your repository listed here, please get in touch.