Contribute to OmniOS

OmniOS Community Edition has no major company behind it, just a small team of people who spend their precious spare time keeping it up-to-date. If you rely on OmniOS for fun or business, and you want to help secure its future, you can contribute in a variety of ways.

Developers Wanted

We are always on the look-out for people to join the OmniOS development team. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience, there are a variety of different tasks and all we ask is that you are willing to put some time in and learn as you go! If you want to get involved, please get in touch. If you aren’t a programmer we also need help with maintaining the web site and creating documentation, see below.

Tasks include:

  • Weekly merging of upstream changes from ilumos-gate and illumos-joyent;
  • Keeping core software up-to-date;
  • Developing new features;
  • Building and testing releases;
  • Responding to bug reports and issues;
  • Integrating local changes back to upstream illumos-gate;
  • Defining the roadmap for future releases;
  • Improving the interactive installer;
  • etc…

If you want to find out more about some of the work that was involved in r151046, take a look at the github commit page.

Extra package repository

The OmniOS Extra package repository contains a small number of commonly used additional packages such as nginx and postfix. We’d appreciate contributions in this area so if there’s some software you use on OmniOS and would be useful to others, why not get involved and submit a package to omnios-extra?

Non-programmer Tasks

If you aren’t a programmer, we would also appreciate help with maintaining the web site and documentation for OmniOS, preparing release notes and guides for new users, etc. Please get in touch if you’re able to help in any of these areas.


If you aren’t able to help in the above areas, please consider donating to OmniOS. We are committed to providing updates to OmniOS for many years to come and to maintaining the stable and long-term-release models put in place by OmniTI before us. Your donation will help us to achieve that goal and ensure the long-term success of OmniOS.

We also provide support contracts if you need cover for your systems.