OmniOS Community Edition weekly releases for w/c 17th of February 2020 are now available.

This update requires a reboot for r151030 and r151032.

For all supported OmniOS releases, a sudo vulnerability (CVE-2019-18634 ) has been fixed.

For r151030 and r151032 additionally:

  • Fix for divide-by-zero bug in the i40e network driver illumos 9601

  • Update pkg to better handle packages with broken metadata

For r151032 only:

  • PKCS#11 CKM_AES_CBC_PAD decryption could fail illumos 11825

  • Fix problem with the hal-storage-mount service where it would fail to mount things like Virtualbox guest additions

For further details, please see

Any problems or questions, please get in touch.