OmniOS Community Edition weekly releases for w/c 2nd of December 2019 are now available.

The following updates are available for r151032 and r151030

  • Update Intel CPU Microcode to 20191115.

  • Fixes to support for large (> 2TB) USB hard disks.

  • mpt_sas driver could hang after config header request timeout.

  • OpenJDK updated to 1.8.0_232-09.

Additionally, for r151032 only:

  • KVM zones could lose network connectivity to other zones on the same machine.

  • Improvements to support for recent Linux distributions in lx zones.

  • Fixes for zfs diff between encrypted datasets.

  • 8-bit colour modes did not work properly after boot.

  • Several updates and bug fixes for SMB.

  • make -C could cache wrong directory contents.

  • Fix (rare) crash if zone root cannot be mounted during boot.

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