OmniOS weekly releases for w/c 20th of July 2020 are now available.

This update requires a reboot for r151034.

For r151034 only:

  • Some 64-bit PCI devices were not programmed correctly
  • The mlxcx driver has been updated to fix several problems
  • Panic in imc driver on some systems with broken firmware
  • LX: /proc/<pid>/exe symlink was not always present
  • LX: Would occasionally see defunct processes with busy parents
  • LX: Improve support for networking setup in Void linux zones
  • loader could not read a ZFS pool which had a removed slog device
  • vioblk devices could hang under memory pressure
  • It was not possible to run bhyve in the global zone under a DEBUG kernel (although this is possible for testing, bhyve should always be run within a zone for proper protection)
  • Added a depend.ooceextra facet to illumos packages to allow installation without reference to the omnios-extra repository
  • Updated curl to 7.71.1

Additionally, the following packages have been updated for all supported releases:

  • openjdk to to 1.8.0_262
  • rsync to 3.2.2

For further details, please see

Any problems or questions, please get in touch.