OmniOS weekly releases for w/c 5th of October 2020 are now available.

  • For all supported OmniOS releases, pkg has been enhanced to allow for more detailed diagnostic messages via -vv in the event that an upgrade solution can’t be found.

With IPS, it’s possible to get a situation where an upgrade cannot be performed and the error message is not very informative, for example:

r151034% pfexec pkg update -nv
Creating Plan (Running solver): |
pkg update: No solution was found to satisfy constraints
No solution found to update to latest available versions.
This may indicate an overly constrained set of packages are installed.

latest incorporations:


Dependency analysis is unable to determine the cause.
Try specifying expected versions to obtain more detailed error messages.

This change adds a new behaviour when -v is provided a second time, which shows a better error message that should point directly to the problem

r151034% pfexec pkg update -nvv
Retrieving package list...
Retrieving list of packages to update...
Creating Plan (Solver setup): /
pkg update: Package 'ooce/extra-build-tools' must be uninstalled or upgraded if the requested operation is to be performed.
  Reject:  pkg://extra.omnios/ooce/extra-build-tools@11-151034.0
  Reason:  No version for 'conditional' dependency on ooce/x11/header/xcb-protocols can be found
Package 'ooce/omnios-build-tools' must be uninstalled or upgraded if the requested operation is to be performed.
  Reject:  pkg://extra.omnios/ooce/omnios-build-tools@11-151034.0
  Reason:  No version for 'conditional' dependency on ooce/x11/header/x11-protocols can be found

For further details, please see

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