OmniOS Community Edition weekly releases for w/c 24th of June 2019 are now available.

The following security fixes are available for all supported releases:

  • Expat upgraded or patched to fix a denial-of-service vulnerability.

Additionally, in r151030 only:

  • Performance improvements and fixes for occasional VM lockups - SmartOS OS-7753

  • Improvements to support for running under Hyper-V, including fixes for running with a single virtual CPU, under lower memory conditions and on newer versions of the hypervisor.

  • Addition of the system/virtualization/azure-agent package to provide the agent service required for running under Microsoft Azure.

  • Update of the gcc-7 package to include the latest fixes from the upstream illumos gcc branch.

  • Update to the template environment files that can be used for building illumos-gate - /opt/onbld/env/

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Any problems or questions, please get in touch.