The first update for the r151034 stable version of OmniOS is now available.

This update requires a reboot


  • Update Intel CPU microcode to 20200520

  • Update timezone data to 2020a

  • The bhyve zone brand now supports vnc=wait to pause VM execution until a VNC client has connected

  • KVM zone shutdown did not work reliably

  • The bhyve and kvm zone brands now support multiple cdrom entries. These should be configured as properties named cdrom0, cdrom1, etc.

  • The default-recurse pkg property was erroneously affecting the pkg install command; this has been fixed

  • pkg update with a new boot environment could occasionally report pkg: Unable to clone the current boot environment

  • onu to illumos-gate now works with installed zones

  • Fix for a kernel panic when running an NFS client within an lx-branded zone

  • Fix for regression in ftello64() behaviour

  • Fix for (rare) crash in bhyve with some Linux guests

  • Fix for potential lz4 compression failure in vtfontcvt

  • Improve TSO support in vioif driver

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