OmniOS r151042o, r151040ao and r151038bo are now available.

In r151038, r151040 and r151042

  • Fix for Post-barrier Return Stack Buffer Predictions CVE-2022-26373

  • Fix for a rare kernel panic due to a race condition in poll()

  • net-snmp updated to version 5.9.3, fixing CVE-2022-24805, CVE-2022-24809, CVE-2022-24806, CVE-2022-24807, CVE-2022-24808 and CVE-2022-24810

  • AMD CPU microcode updated to latest versions as of 20220408

  • OpenJDK packages updated to versions 1.8.345-01, 11.0.16+8 and 17.0.4+8

  • OpenSSL updated to version 1.1.1q and 3.0.5

  • Updates to ZFS to gracefully handle unknown/invalid vdev device IDs

In r151042 only

  • Python 3.10 updated to version 3.10.6

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