The new release contains the following fixes:

  • expat updated to version 2.2.1 (fixes CVE-2017-9233)
  • openssl updated to version 1.0.2l
  • curl updated to version 7.54.1
  • bind updated to version 9.10.5-P3
  • p7zip updated to fix CVE-2016-9296
  • web/ca-bundle updated to include OmniOSce Certificate Authority certificate

uname -a shows omnios-r151022-f9693432c2 (no change in this release)

Our work does not stop here though. First we are committed to quickly releasing updates for r151022 as the need arises. We are also working towards releasing r151024 on schedule. To that end, we have already updated the bloody environment with all the latest goodies from upstream illumos and joyent-lx repositories.

OmniOS community edition hosts its sources on and if you want to get in touch, you can find us on