OmniOS Community Edition is releasing the second update to the OmniOS r151022 LTS release. This update, in accordance with the release naming policy is carrying the letter ā€˜iā€™.

If you are still running vanilla OmniOS r151022 and are contemplating upgrading to OmniOS Community Edition now, you can find instructions on how to do that at the end of the release notes linked below.

This time around we are providing non-userland updates for the first time so this update will require you to reboot OmniOS after installation. Updated release media will also be available later this week.

This release includes a security fix to the expat library, an updated mr_sas driver with better reset behaviour, improvements in the svcs command when non-native zones are installed and several stability and bug fixes in the kernel and LX zones. The loader screen and pkg(5) command have also been updated to reflect the new community edition.

Full release notes can be found at

To upgrade, utter:

pkg update -r package/pkg 
pkg update -r --be-name=r151022i 

We are also hard at work to publish a new bloody release with all the latest merges from the upstream illumos and joyent repos. A separate announcement on this will follow.