OmniOS Community Edition is releasing OmniOS r151022o with a bunch of security fixes:

libxml2 fixes for:

* CVE-2016-4658 
* CVE-2016-5131 
* CVE-2017-0663 
* CVE-2017-5969 
* CVE-2017-9047 
* CVE-2017-9048 
* CVE-2017-9049 
* CVE-2017-9050 

bzip2 fix for (we have announced this one separately already):

* CVE-2016-3189 

This release also contains an update for java to to OpenJDK 1.7.0_141-b02

This release does NOT require a reboot.

Full release notes can be found at

Any problems or questions, please get in touch via the Lobby at