The OmniOS Community Edition Association is proud to announce the availability of the second Community release of OmniOS - r151026

The new release comes 6 months after the the first community release back in November 2017. As per the published release schedule - - the previous stable version is supported for a further six months and the LTS r151022 version remains supported until May 2020.

Installer Screenshot

The illumos community has been very active in creating new features and improving existing ones over the last 6 months. Highlights of this new release include:

  • Protection against the Meltdown Intel CPU vulnerability announced earlier this year
  • Experimental support for bhyve - a fast, lightweight and modern hypervisor that is under active development.
  • Sparse-branded zones, clocking in under 4MB per zone, ideal for adding an extra layer of protection and control over services without the overhead of a traditional zone.
  • An improved Installer which is dramatically faster making the OmniOS installation procedure one of the fastest in the industry. The new installer also provides many more options for customising the installed system.
  • A new lightweight default MTA (Dragonfly Mail Agent)
  • Support for raidz2 and raidz3 boot disks
  • The new zfs remove and zfs checkpoint features
  • Fault management improvements for SSD disks

and many more; review the release notes at for full details and find upgrade instructions at AWS images are in the process of being rolled out, starting with the EU Central region.

Many organisations rely on OmniOS driven servers for their core storage and virtualization environments. To cater for these deployments the OmniOS Community Association now offers support contracts - visit for more details and to generate a quote. If you aren’t in a position to take a support contract, please consider becoming an OmniOS patron to help secure its future -

About OmniOS - OmniOS is an Enterprise level illumos-based Operating System with superb lightweight virtualization support through zones (including Linux system emulation - lx zones) as well as full hardware virtualization via an integrated hypervisor. Native ZFS support enables highly reliable storage options of nearly unlimited capacity. With dtrace it is possible to instrument virtually any part of the OS to provide highly precise debugging information to resolve performance issues and software failures. Many of these features clearly show its strong Solaris roots.

About OmniOS Community Edition Association - this Swiss Association is responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of OmniOS, having been established in Summer 2017 after OmniTI announced their withdrawal from the project.

OmniOSce Association
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