The OmniOS Community Edition Association is proud to announce the general availability of the next stable and LTS version of OmniOS - r151038.

OmniOS is published according to a 6-month release cycle, with stable releases being supported for a year. However, as an LTS release, r151038 will be supported for three years, and the previous LTS release (r151030) now enters its last year of support.

The old stable r151034 release is now end-of-life and will receive no further updates; r151036 will be supported for a further six months.

Refer to the release schedule for further details and exact dates.

Release Notes and Upgrade Instructions

Direct upgrades to r151038 are supported from r151030, r151032, r151034 and r151036. Upgrades from earlier releases will need to be performed in stages as shown in the table on

The highlights of this release include ZFS support for persistent layer 2 ARC, one-time boot environment activation, new pkg commands for managing removable packages and many improvements in the bhyve hypervisor.

There are many more changes and improvements in this release and those are detailed in the release notes, along with upgrade notes.

OmniOS Newsletter

Since the start of OmniOS Community Edition project, we have predominantly announced our new releases via twitter. We are now also offering a newsletter with announcements of updates, bug fixes and new releases. You can subscribe here.

Commercial Support

Have you ever wondered how OmniOS development gets financed? You may have noticed that there is no big company bankrolling it all. The way we keep afloat is by the companies who rely on OmniOS powered servers taking out support contracts for their hardware. How about you? Visit for more details and to generate a quote. If you aren’t in a position to take a support contract, please consider becoming an OmniOS patron to help secure its future -

About OmniOS Community Edition Association - this Swiss Association is responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of OmniOS, having been established in Summer 2017 after OmniTI announced their withdrawal from the project.

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