OmniOS weekly releases for w/c 14th of December 2020 are now available.

All supported OmniOS releases have been updated with the following changes:

Security Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • MacOS Big Sur clients would experience read hangs when accessing OmniOS SMB shares.

  • The pkg apply-hot-fix command, in conjunction with the creation of a new boot environment, would sometimes leave extra origins configured in non-global zones. This caused problems for subsequent package updates.

  • Compiling with gcc -pg did not produce a working profiling binary.

Other Changes

  • The Intel CPU microcode update for some Core (Gen. 11) Mobile processors has been removed as it was reported to cause problems on some platforms.

Additionally in both the r151034 and r151036 releases:

  • In rare cases, a system could crash shortly after boot while maintaining ZFS user quota information (particularly if a zfs recv was running at the same time).

and in r151036 only:

  • The pciutils package tools were unable to enumerate PCI devices.

  • A file’s modification time would change twice when the file was modified from an SMB client. This caused problems for some Windows utilities.

  • Restore the NDMP ZFS backup and restore method which was inadvertently broken in the r151036 release.

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