OmniOS weekly releases for w/c 25th of January 2021 are now available.

All supported OmniOS releases have been updated with the following changes:


  • Support for secure RPC for the Netlogon protocol between OmniOS systems and Microsoft Active Directory servers. This is required to fully mitigate CVE-2020-1472, and will shortly be enforced by Windows domain controllers.

    We’re grateful to Matt Barden of Tintri for contributing this feature to illumos.

Security Fixes

  • It was possible for an unprivileged user, including one in a zone, to cause the system to panic.

  • socat updated to fix a potential heap based buffer overflow.

  • sudo updated to fix CVE-2021-3156

Other Changes

  • On r151036 only, OpenJDK 11 now bundles several core fonts and has been updated to 11.0.10+9.

  • OpenJDK 8 has been updated to 1.8.282-b08

  • gcc has been updated so that the -z assert-deflib linker option works correctly for 64-bit objects.

  • ZFS list -t bookmark was not working for zvols.

  • Add support for the IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL MSR in bhyve. This improves support for some guest operating systems.

  • pkg apply-hot-fix could produce error messages during operation.

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