OmniOS weekly releases for w/c 12th of April 2021 are now available.

There are important fixes for r151030 and r151034 for users who use ZFS encryption and snapshot clones, some fixes for the mlxcx driver in r151034, a curl update to 7.76.1 in all releases and more.

All releases

  • curl updated to 7.76.1

r151034 and r151036

  • Changing the encryption key on a ZFS dataset with clones did not update the clones themselves, rendering them inaccessible.

r151036 only

  • SMB shares from an lofs mount would fail.

  • Reaping many process with shared mappings of files on ZFS was extremely slow.

  • In rare cases, a kernel panic could occur during system boot due to a race condition in the mlxcx driver.

  • The pkg depot server would periodically hang when accessed over low-latency connections.

  • The dma mailer could spin when trying to create a new local mailbox.

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