OmniOS weekly releases for w/c 14th of June 2021 are now available.

Security fixes for all releases

First backport update for r151038

We have backported a number of fixes and improvements to the r151038 LTS release this week as shown below.

  • The bhyve hypervisor and the bhyve branded zone have received several updates that enable running with fewer resources and fewer privileges than before.

  • bhyve VNC sessions are now named based on the underlying virtual machine name rather than always being called “bhyve”.

  • Additional network backends are available for bhyve, including an emulated e1000 interface type.

  • SMB3 encryption no longer breaks MacOS Big Sur clients.

  • Fixes for kernel FPU use.

  • The ZFS ARC algorithm has been adjusted to restore memory pressure; see illumos issue 13766.

  • Several ZFS L2ARC fixes and improvements have been incorporated.

  • The ZFS zdb command could crash when processing RAIDZ pools, this has been resolved.

  • The segkpsize tunable can now be adjusted using the eeprom command - see eeprom(1M).

  • Improvements to the native C++ and rust demangling library.

  • The CDP daemon (in.cdpd) now runs with reduced privileges;

  • zpool list -vp now shows parsable sizes in all fields.

  • nvmeadm now supports parsable output; see nvmeadm(1M)

  • profiles -l could crash when an LDAP backend was in use, this has been resolved.

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