OmniOS r151038k is now available.

Security Fixes

  • Microcode for Intel CPUs has been updated to the 2021-06-08 release.

  • Python has been upgraded to 3.9.6.

New Features

  • It is now possible to use a netgroup database without a system being linked to an LDAP or NIS server. Refer to netgroup(4) for more information.

  • lx branded zones have been updated to better support distributions using systemd >= v247.

  • lx branded zones now have basic support for /proc/<pid>/fdinfo/

  • The Insyde BMC virtual CD-ROM device is now supported.

Other Changes

  • SMB encryption was not working with MacOS 11.4 clients.

  • netstat showed duplicate data for UDP source and destination addresses.

  • netstat -u could associate sockets with the wrong process.

  • bhyve branded zones could place pass-through devices into the wrong PCI function slot causing problems for the guest. Devices are now always placed in numerical order and the location can be overridden - see bhyve(5)

  • csh would not always operate correctly when being used to run scripts.

  • pkg now uses less memory when loading catalogues.

  • The PCI and USB information databases have been updated.

  • It was possible, although rare, to encounter a kernel panic when using kernel FPU acceleration in conjunction with RAIDZ pools.

  • A rare ZFS panic that could occur when deleting millions of files has been fixed.

  • NFS server performance has been improved.

  • Several fixes for the in-kernel CIFS/SMB support have been incorporated.

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