OmniOS r151038s, r151036as and r151030ds are now available.

In all releases

  • The __illumos__ pre-processor token is now defined by the gcc compilers.

  • p7zip would truncate passphrases read from the terminal.

In r151036

  • Python has been updated to 3.7.12.

In r151038

  • Python has been updated to 3.9.7 in r151038.

  • It is now possible to provide cloud-init configuration information to bhyve guests. This includes networking configuration and initial passwords/ SSH keys. See cloud-init in bhyve(5) for more information.

  • Windows 11 clients could not connect to SMB shares.

  • was not using a thread-safe errno.

  • LX was not properly configuring DNS settings for Ubuntu guests.

  • The emulated /proc filesystem in LX was improperly representing open directories, causing problems for some applications.

  • smbd could crash when a domain controller normally reached via IPv6 became unavailable.

  • A system with a large number of disks visible through the BIOS (> 64) would fail to boot.

  • Cloning an ipkg zone could fail if the ssh service was not installed.

  • Enabling promiscphys on a bhyve NIC now automatically configures the promisc-filtered datalink property.

  • KVM and bhyve brand configuration now consistently supports the same truth values as bhyve (on/off/true/false/yes/no/0/1) for boolean parameters.

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