OmniOS r151038v, r151036av and r151030dv are now available.

In all of the above releases:

In r151036 and r151038

  • If the system dump device was configured on a ZVOL on a RAIDZ pool, then a system panic could cause unrelated corruption on the pool.

In r151038 only

  • bhyve now supports virtio-9p (aka VirtFS) filesystem sharing to guests. This is configured through the new virtfs[N] zone attribute as described in bhyve(5).

  • bhyve guests could fail to boot on some older AMD machines; this was a regression from previous OmniOS releases.

  • Several improvements have been made to the viona network driver used by bhyve.

  • Performance of the system console has been significantly improved.

  • The update-man-index service which re-indexes manual pages at boot and after package operations has been optimised so that it only rebuilds the required indices.

  • The gcc10 package has been updated to match the published illumos gcc-10.3.0-il-1 tag.

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