OmniOS r151040c, r151038ac and r151030ec are now available.

In r151038 and r151040

  • vim has been updated to version 8.2.3582.

  • python 3.9 has been updated to version 3.9.8

  • openjdk17 would previously produce many warnings such as: SIGSEGV happened inside stack but outside yellow and red zone.

  • Some 32-bit and legacy net-snmp libraries had missing symbols.

  • git-pbchk has been updated to add a new module for verifying the format of package manifests.

  • A new syntax plugin for pkg(5) manifest and transform files has been added to vim.

In r151030 only

  • pkg has been updated to fix a bug in the pkgfmt command which could cause it to fail when converting manifests to v2 format.

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