OmniOS Community Edition releases r151022aj & r151024l are now available.

Weekly releases for w/c 22nd of January 2018 (released 2018-01-24).

No reboot required.

Both updates include the following security fixes:

The cpuid utility has also been updated and can now report on support for the new speculation control and branch predictor instructions added via Intel microcode updates.

# cpuid | egrep 'IBRS|STI'
  Speculation Control (IBRS and IBPB)
  Single Thread Indirect Branch Predictors (STIBP)

There are some backported fixes which have not been published to the IPS repositories as they correct rarely seen problems and would force a reboot. These are:

Downloadable hot-fix files have been made available for these issues; refer to the release notes for further information.

Finally, support for booting from a RAIDZ2 or RAIDZ3 pool has been added to r151024 and new installation media have been produced and are available on the download page.

Any problems or questions, please get in touch via the lobby or #omnios on