OmniOS Community Edition releases r151022ao & r151024q are now available.

Weekly releases for w/c 26th of February 2018.

This update requires a reboot.

Both releases have received the following updates:

Security fixes

Bug fixes

If you use ZFS ACLs (i.e. more than just the standard permissions set with chmod) and use ACL inheritance, then it is possible that this bug will have resulted in files with overly permissive permissions. To check a data-store for this problem, you can use a script similar to that at If you need any help with this, please get in touch - see bottom of post for contact details.


  • New package command to easily install a hotfix from a local package archive or remote web site, for example:
    % pfexec pkg apply-hot-fix --be-name=hotfix1234 \

For more details, see

Any problems or questions, please get in touch via the lobby or #omnios on