OmniOS r151014

Please use pkg update to insure your LTS bits are at the latest version. We will not backport a lot, but because it’s Long-Term, we will not just let it languish either.

NOTE: OpenSSH can now be used as the system’s default SSH daemon. New installs of r151014 will install OpenSSH by default. To switch from SunSSH to OpenSSH, run the following:

# /usr/bin/pkg install --no-backup-be --reject pkg:/network/ssh --reject pkg:/network/ssh/ssh-key --reject pkg:/service/network/ssh pkg:/network/openssh pkg:/network/openssh-server

To switch from OpenSSH back to SunSSH:

# /usr/bin/pkg install --no-backup-be --reject pkg:/network/openssh --reject pkg:/network/openssh-server pkg:/network/ssh pkg:/network/ssh/ssh-key pkg:/service/network/ssh

IMPORTANT NOTE: Switching from SunSSH to OpenSSH will require commenting-out MaxAuthTriesLog and RhostsAuthentication options in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. Also, both ListenAddress directives MUST be commented out (SunSSH has one uncommented by default). The OpenSSH package will deliver a /etc/ssh/ file to consult. This file is the recommended default configuration.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2 (Thanks Andy Fiddaman): To continue allowing connections from SunSSH, please add the following to /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

KexAlgorithms +diffie-hellman-group1-sha1

If you have ssh service entries in /etc/pam.conf you may need to update them. For example, Andy needed to s/sshd-kbdint/sshd/ to re-enable their two-factor authentication.

March 1 2017 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at 2fb9a48

uname -v/uname -a shows omnios-2fb9a48

  • HP Gen9 sudden-reboot fix with the Broadcom NIC (bge)
  • i40e now uses multiple receive and transmit rings, for better per-flow performance
  • Small bugfixes in NFS, ZFS, NVMe, and LSI HBA support (mpt_sas)

December 31 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at 280c743

uname -a shows omnios-280c743

  • Chelsio Terminator T5 NIC support
  • Security and reliability updates to procfs and tmpfs

October 27 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at cac2b76

uname -a shows omnios-cac2b76

  • Kaby Lake I219 support
  • NVMe support for some NVMe 1.1 devices
  • Expat to v2.2 (security fix)
  • Critical kernel fixes backported from illumos-gate

August 3 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at 798601a

uname -a shows omnios-b13298f (driver update only)

  • ixgbe updated to support X550
  • New i40e driver supports Intel XL710 4x10GigE or 40GigE boards

June 6 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at b13298f

uname -a shows omnios-b13298f

  • libxml update to 2.9.4
  • DTrace stability fixes (illumos 7033-7035)
  • setid binaries disallow’s $ORIGIN (illumos 6987)
  • ZFS no longer bleeds zvol entries into non-global zones (illumos 7019,7020)
  • NTP to 4.2.8p8
  • expat to 2.1.1 (with CVE 2016-0718 fix)
  • missing MCFG table should lead to I/O PCIe config access (illumos 6859)
  • allow sendfile() on AF_UNIX sockets (illumos 6861)
  • ZFS-helper: kernel virtual memory fragmentation leads to hang (illumos 6914)
  • STMF kstat free is using an improper size for kmem_free(). (illumos 6938)
  • Driver support for Solarflare 10G and 40G ethernet
  • Timezone, USB, and PCI data files updates. (Now matches r151018)
  • Driver support for vmxnet3s
  • MSI-X support fixed for virtio
  • The pkg(5) variant is now available as of this update. See the r151018 Release Notes for details on how to create a DEBUG-kernel alternate boot environment

April 21 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at aab7656

uname -a shows omnios-aab7656

  • ZFS fixes for Samba & SMB sharers (illumos 6841-6843)
  • Better support for modern hardware, esp. HP Gen 9 (illumos 6806-6807)
  • More HP Gen 9 SmartArray controllers (illumos 6760)
  • Intel I219 and updates to Intel GigE common code (illumos 6666-6667)
  • Git update to 2.8.0
  • OpenSSH 7.2p2 fixes for GSSAPI key exchange
  • OpenSSH now installed on new installs.

February 4 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at c91bcdf

uname -a shows omnios-c91bcdf

  • ZFS receive now covers refquota-on-receive overage (illumos 6562)
  • DTrace robustness update

December 16th Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at d0a4f2e

uname -a shows omnios-d0a4f2e

  • BIND security update to 9.10.3-P2
  • ZFS receives now replication streams with a refquota even if older snapshots exceed it (illumos 4986). Includes new ZFS Test Suite test
  • OpenSSH now integrates with the illumos audit subsystem. Thanks to Joyent, and this is part of getting OpenSSH to match SunSSH’s integrated functionality
  • NVMe bugfixes (illumos 6466 and 6467)

November 12 2015 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at 5ba982d

uname -a shows omnios-8322307 (NOTE: The discrepency is because the tip of the branch contains a single-package change, not enough to respin illumos.)

  • OpenSSH updated to 7.1p1, including the r151016 method of switching between OpenSSH or SunSSH. PLEASE READ THE r151016 notes on OpenSSH & SunSSH
  • Git updated to 2.6.1
  • tmux updated to 2.0
  • illumos 6439 (handles KVM guests better)
  • KVM updates
  • Hans Rosenfeld’s blkdev series of fixes (illumos 6299-6305)
  • LSI Fury support
  • TCP timestamping behavior fix (illumos 5850)
  • uuidgen(1M) now available
  • HW data update to match r151016.
  • Several small ZFS fixes (illumos 5219,6288,6267,6367,6319,6385,6334,6386)
  • Aggregates no longer attempt to use downed links (illumos 6274)
  • glob(3c) now properly deals with large-file 32-bit binaries (you may need to locally recompile your custom 32-bit apps)
  • Zoneinfo update to 2015g
  • ilbd memory leak plug

omnios-userland changes are more frequent, due to things like OpenSSL updates, etc.

September 29 2015 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at f090f73

uname -a shows omnios-f090f73

  • NVMe 1.0 driver. Available as driver/storage/nvme from our pkg(5) repo
  • illumos bug 6266 in DTrace
  • illumos bugs 6189-6192 and 6216 for SMBIOS
  • illumos bugs 6124 and 6257 for NFS
  • Small kayak changes

omnios-userland changes are more frequent, due to things like OpenSSL updates, etc.

September 14 2015 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at cffff65

uname -a shows omnios-cffff65

  • Fix for illumos 6214 which exposed L2ARC users to potential data corruption
  • Additional ZFS fixes from Delphix
  • Mozilla NSS now at 3.20

omnios-userland changes are more frequent, due to things like OpenSSL updates, etc.

August 18 2015 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at d08e0e5

uname -a shows omnios-d08e0e5

  • Support for more HP Gen9 HBAs with cpqary3 (release media will be updated)
  • illumos bugs 6093 & 6096 (for SMB servers, fixes a free-NULL problem)
  • illumos bug 4051 - helps disk-pull reliability, upstreamed to illumos-gate from Nexenta
  • Python 2.6 now has readline back in its libraries (broke in ‘012, now fixed)

omnios-userland changes are more frequent, due to things like OpenSSL updates, etc.

July 27 2015 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at 7648372

uname -a shows omnios-7648372

omnios-userland changes are more frequent, due to things like OpenSSL updates, etc.

April 20 2015 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at 170cea2

uname -a shows omnios-170cea2

omnios-userland changes are more frequent, due to things like OpenSSL updates, etc.

r151014 release

Stable AND Long-Term Support release, April 3rd, 2015

illumos-omnios branch r151014 at 45f3064

uname -a shows omnios-45f3064

Last illumos-gate merge was 4e90188.

r151014 release repository

Please read the upgrade instructions carefully.

What’s new in this release?

  • Major update to pkg(5) uses more modern revisions of IPS. This enables linked-images, and other technology
  • The linked-images IPS Package brand (“lipkg”). There is a whole page about linked-images
  • The “omnios” publisher for r151014 (and future releases) now has its package signing policy set to require-signatures. See the SignedPackages page for more information. Administrators who upgrade will set this policy themselves as part of the documented upgrade process. New ISO or Kayak installations will have the “omnios” publisher’s policy set
  • Kayak servers that install 014 MUST use an 014 miniroot.gz. This is available where the other media is:
  • open-vm-tools
  • Removal of illumos-gate FTP (which was a very old copy of wuFTPd), and Sun DHCP server
  • ZFS Improvements
    • ZFS Large Block Size support (must be enabled by the administrator).
    • Write throttle fixes.
    • zpool list -v shows disk capacities
    • Reduction in RAM usage of ZFS cache devices.
    • New tunables:
      • zfs_free_max_blocks (can reduce for less free blocks per transaction)
      • zvol_unmap_enabled (can set to 0 to ignore UNMAP requests which can be slow)
      • metaslabs_per_vdev (an upper limit per vdev, currently 200, now tunable)
  • Various SMB/CIFS bug fixes
  • Block devices (blkdev) now visible with format(1M)
  • Support for the sTec S112x (e.g. S1120) PCI-E SSDs
  • Replaceable sendmail package using IPS mediators
  • pam_timestamp module now gives sudo-like timeouts for PAM authenticators
  • Open-source version of the math library (libm). Note that the microtasking library (libmtsk) is still binary-only
  • libproc can now understand Linux core files
  • Faulty TCP maxburst logic fixed for off-link/subnet communication (illumos 5295)
  • Many man page improvements
  • Support for more than 16 groups with AUTH_SYS in NFS
  • Global Zone administrators can directly manage non-global zones’ IPfilter rules (to override rogue zones)
  • Fast Reboot has been disabled by default in OmniOS
  • New preadv() and pwritev() calls
  • It is now possible to boot off of a EFI/GPT partitioned disk. (NOTE: Not yet available in the installers)
  • Updated Emulex support for 16G Fiber Channel adapters
  • Improvements to raw disk performance with (still not recommended) LSI MegaRAID controllers
  • Updated Timezone, USB IDs, PCI IDs, and SMBIOS data
  • Formerly Broadcom now QLogic 10Gig !NetXtreme II Ethernet (bnxe) driver is now open-source, and supports more parts
  • Broadcom !NetXtreme I GigE parts update (including both full 5719 and 5720 support, plus more)
  • Additional Intel I210 (via igb) and I218 (via e1000g) GigE support
  • beadm(1M) now sorts by BE creation date
  • If properly configured, a zone can now run one or more KVM instances

Package changes ([+] Added, [-] Removed, [*] Changed)

  • Amazon EC2 API [*] ->
  • Mako [*] 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1
  • NTP [*] 4.2.7p460 -> 4.2.8p1
  • OpenJDK [*] 7u21b3 -> 7u76b31
  • OpenSSH [*] 6.6p1 -> 6.7p1
  • OpenSSL [*] 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2a
  • bash [*] 4.3.25+ -> 4.3.33
  • bind [*] 9.10.0-P2 -> 9.10.2
  • bison [*] 3.0.2 -> 3.0.4
  • coverage [+] 3.7.1
  • curl [*] 7.37.1 -> 7.41.0
  • DHCP from illumos (aka Sun DHCP server) [-] (ISC DHCP is now preferred)
  • ftpd from illumos [-] (You must obtain your own FTPd now.)
  • gettext [*] 0.19.2 -> 0.19.4
  • git [*] 2.0.4 -> 2.3.0
  • gmp/gnump [*] 5.1.3 -> 6.0.0(a)
  • gnu-binutils [*] 2.24 -> 2.25
  • gnu-grep [*] 2.20 -> 2.21
  • gnu-patch [*] 2.7.1 -> 2.7.4
  • intltool [+] 0.50.2
  • ipmitool [*] 1.8.14 -> 1.8.15
  • iso-codes [*] 3.55 -> 3.57
  • jsonrpclib (for python) [+] 0.1.3
  • libffi [*] 3.1 -> 3.2.1
  • libidn [*] 1.29 -> 1.30
  • libpcap [*] 1.6.1 -> 1.6.2
  • lxml-26 [*] 3.3.5 -> 3.4.2
  • nspr [*] 4.10.6 -> 4.10.7
  • nss [*] 3.16.5 -> 3.17.4
  • numpy-26 [*] 1.8.1 -> 1.9.2
  • open-vm-tools [+] 9.4.0
  • pv (pipe-viewer) [*] 1.5.3 -> 1.5.7
  • pycurl [*] 7.19.5 ->
  • pylint [+] 1.3.1
  • sigcpp [*] 2.3.2 -> 2.4.0
  • simplejson-26 [*] 3.6.2 -> 3.6.5
  • sqlite-3 [*] ->
  • wget [*] 1.15 -> 1.16
  • zsh [*] 5.0.5 -> 5.0.7