Become a Patron of the OmniOS Community Edition

OmniOS Community Edition has no major company behind it, just a small team of people who spend their precious spare time keeping it up-to-date. If you rely on OmniOS for fun or business, and you want to help secure its future, you can contribute by becoming an OmniOS patron.

We are committed to providing updates to OmniOS for many years to come and to maintaining the stable and long-term-release models put in place by OmniTI before us. Your donation will help us to achieve that goal and ensure the long-term success of OmniOS.

We use the money provided by our patrons to pay for any services used in publishing and maintaining OmniOS. The rest of the money gets divided up and distributed among the core contributors according to the amount of time they put into the project - with the OmniOSce Association directing fund allocation.

If you set up a recurring subscription, please take care to enter your email address correctly as we will alert you a few days before the next payment is due, with the option to cancel your subscription.

Note, this has nothing todo with Patreon we are using Stripe as our card processing service.

You can also use traditional banking transactions to send us your contributions by paying directly to our account here in Switzerland.

IBAN CH22 0900 0000 6188 9767 7
Verein OmniOS Community Edition

If you have questions regarding your subscription, or if you want to discuss other options to support our work, please feel free to contact at any time.

How your payments are processed

Our donation system is using as a payment provider. We do not keep ANY information locally. Credit card numbers are NOT available to us at any point in the payment process. The integration of and all the user interactions are handled by our OOceApps package.