zadm - Zone Management Tool

This is a series of ascii-casts showing how to use the zadm zone management tool to create and manage zones on OmniOS from release r151034. New videos will be posted to this page over the coming weeks.

Using zadm to create an lx zone

This cast shows how to use zadm to quickly create an lx-branded zone and how to configure a basic policy in the zone firewall. The zone firewall works for all zone brands except for KVM and is ideal for securing an lx zone where the native iptables tools don’t work.

nginx is used as an example application here, but in reality one would deploy something like nginx in a native branded zone, most likely with the sparse brand.

This is just a basic zone setup. Configuring more features such as memory and CPU caps will be covered in a future post.

Using zadm to create a sparse zone from a template

This ascii-cast shows how to use zadm to create a sparse-branded zone in OmniOS r151034 using a prepared JSON file, along with a memory cap and CPU shares.

Using zadm to create a bhyve VM from an image

Creating an OmniOS bhyve VM is quick and easy with the provided images. This example shows creating a VM running the rolling bloody release on r151034.

Using zadm to boot the experimental aarch64 image in an emu-branded zone

The experimental OmniOS aarch64/arm64 distribution can be installed and booted using the emu zone brand.

zadm is open source and hosted on Github. Feedback and pull requests are welcome.

Any questions, please get in touch!